Safuan Zairi

“As an upcoming design thinking guru, I’m tremendously grateful to Khairul for helping me to “unlearn” and question many deeply rooted beliefs and perceptions guiding my thought process. As an entrepreneur, he has sharp business acumen, technology savvy and genuinely cares for those seeking his design thinking consultancy.”


Thilageswari R

“Khairul has great passion for Design Thinking. He conducted the workshop with high enthusiasm and manage to guide the participants towards better innovation and creativity. He is well read and able to communicate the principals of design thinking in a simple and practical manner.”

Norliza Ahmad

“We began our journey with Khairul and since then Khairul has helped us a lot in creating awareness and providing the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to hundreds of Bank Islam employees. His passion is contagious and his tireless effort to help us up-skill the talent in Bank Islam is something that we all admire. He is not just a partner to us, he has become one of our members in our innovation journey.”

Jonathan Lim

“His passion in innovation, his interest to share and engage are extraordinary. Generous with his wealth of knowledge and experience. Humble, friendly and superbly organized, make a lot of fun to work with.”