15 Rules to Personal Effectiveness – Joker’s Guide

It’s always refreshing sometimes to look back and reminisce of the past. For me, i wrote back a similar title – Personal Effectiveness ; Joker’s Guide back in 2011. You can read it here. From where i started writing about it, i have been practicing and sharing with more people on this thoughts and what i call RULES. The more i talk about it to more people, the more profound the rules become. I get more evidence that the rules work the way it is supposed to work and it validated what i always believe.

For example, Rule 10 is “Learn to Write”. I started writing in 2007 and now i am reaping the benefits of it. My language command is a lot better and my thinking process is more orderly than it was. I learned how to do creative writing and it helps my proposal writing to be more personalized and convincing.

Another is Rule 11 – “Run Your Own Race”. Sometimes i can be easily caught up with other people’s race. Especially when things dont work out the way i want it, i got trapped in the losers mentality. It is hard to live when you feel trapped and in the state of hopelessness. When i practice this Rule 11, i make a point to remind myself that my time will come and i should persevere. It also help me not to be a procrastinator for a long time (short term procrastinate is fine i guess!). With this Rule 11, i also learn about people around me have their own race. Therefore i learn how to communicate better with them. Just because i am their supervisor, i can ask them whatever i want or wherever i want it. On the other hand, it is also applicable to business where it takes time to see any initiative to take shape and let alone to bear fruits of success.

One of my favorite rules is Rule 8 – “Self Leadership, Self Management”. It is easy to ask others to lead, but it is a lot easier to be a bystander in a leadership position. Many leaders do that and they gain credits for things that they dont deserve. While it is without a doubt they earned that leadership position, they should also live up to it for as long as they in that position. For example, leaders should lead from the front – which i call show up leadership. Show up means your face is always around in good and bad times. Leaders make decision and take ownership of that decisions. Some leaders hide behind the veil of “developing the young through delegation” – these are leaders that hide instead of becoming the first line of defense in times of crisis. As leaders, they are responsible to manage themselves professionally. Some leaders misbehave professionally by accusing their organizations and products too openly. They do it in the name of “open communication”. I like to tend to this issue by asking them back openly on their contribution to the problems. Most of them felt embarrassed because they know they just talk about it – but they hardly do anything about it; and they have been “there” for years.

Well, there are 15 Rules to Personal Effectiveness – Joker’s Guide altogether. Some of the rules are things that you are already practicing. Therefore it is good to acknowledge that you are doing the right thing. On the other hand, for rules that are new to you, please consider practicing them slowly and put yourself a challenge to acquire it. One thing you must know, these rules are universal and have been the guiding light for ancient people as well as successful modern citizens in today’s world.

The differentiation this time is about how i deliver these 15 Rules today, it is in a video format – 15 Rules to Personal Effectiveness – Joker’s Guide. Something that i do by chance with some friends. The result was awesome and i want to share it with you. Hope you will enjoy this video and hopefully later you will start considering some of these 15 Rules! 🙂

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Learn How and The Simplified Way to Launch Your Project.

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You see, a lot of us love to dream of launching a pet project or a more serious office project to get ahead in our career. However, often the projects are just unrealized dreams because most of us weren’t taught how to launch one; let alone to sustainably manage one until our goals reached. While we know our dream projects can provide us a renewed hope in life – fitness, science project, community project, social awareness etc..; without a good knowledge on how to launch one can be detrimental and frustrating. Right?

You become bystander of other people’s project. Well, not all projects bear fruits, there were successfully launched hence chances of making it successful is not so far a distance. Furthermore, you can always get back up or get someone’s help (like me) to lift you up a little bit.

Therefore, in my program I am sharing with you a proven simplified  steps that you can personally use as your project tool (because you can localize it) and at the same time you use them in your office – and show to your colleague that you are capable in launching projects that matters to your life and at work in a simplified way. I can tell you more here, but it would just awesome if you could receive my invitation to sign up my GIFT SEATS (read #FREE) and start launching your projects!

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Happy And Performing

In his book called Brain Rules, Dr John Medina said that happy brains perform significantly better because stress hurts brains and people. Other than the jumbo-mumbo cells damage because of stress attacks, stressed brains also resulting to depression, performance decline, truancy, loss problem solving abilities and creativity and physical deterioration. Well, some dose of stress to some people pushed them to the next level of excellence, unfortunately different people requires different dose. One thing clear is we need to have a happier brain because it does more good to our body overall. Therefore we need to change our relationship with stress because our attitude towards stress can dramatically affect us. Let’s digress a little bit.

How important is your job to you? Most people would say very important because they need to pay bills, earn a living and probably build their future. Next question is, do you really need this job? Most would say yes. My final question is what are you willing to do to keep this job? This question usually makes people think because I expect commitment answers.

Now, the reason I am asking you this question is to make you realize that if you’re going to spend 30-40 years of your life working on something; it has to be something that make you happy doing because otherwise you will not achieve anything other than; paying bills. It’s very damaging to your brain. If you are in the state of feeling agitated with your job right now, time to check your brain.

Assuming Dr John Medina is right about our brains, hey every second of our thought comes from our brains and whatever anything you are right now is the result of how your brain thinks. Simply because the brain is the control centre. Have you heard of this saying that what you read today determines who you are tomorrow? Replace read to think! You got the answer. Now let’s talk about performance.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

One scholarly article written Peter F Drucker, Spirit of Performance explains a little bit about performance. I was introduced to this piece of gem by my ex-boss (thanks boss! :)) from a book, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities and Practices. You got to read this book and you’ll understand why it’s gem.

Performance means the ability to produce results over prolonged periods of time and in a variety of assignments. Spirit of performance means the energy output is larger than the sum of the efforts put in. How many organizations today that you know talk about performance? Yes, almost every damn organization requires performance. But how many do you think truly practice the true definition of performance? Do you think we can achieve the true meaning of performance with damaged brains? That’s the main reason why happy brain makes happy people and improves performance. With improved performance it makes people happy and happier brains. It creates virtuous cycle (good) than vicious cycle (bad).

In another recent analysis about the relationship between happiness and performance provides remarkable finding. Happy employees apparently on average, 31% higher in productivity, 37% higher sales and 3 times higher in creativity. Happier people also spend longer hours at work because of their dedication and retained in the organization voluntarily. In my PTMBD interview with Dato’ Ameer of Mydin Holdings, he said once that he’s no longer working because he has found what he is happy doing. Look how Mydin Holdings has thrived over the years. I don’t want to insult you further, because I am sure you’ve heard these examples and quotes thousand times. But really, what have you started doing when it comes to Happy And Performing? If you are doing something, how you can make it contagious and affect other people? Let’s free up knowledge and make it flow!

You may ask how to find happiness at work, right? One statement that sums it all, “it’s always very easy to feel trapped and hopeless when you don’t know or love what you are doing”. If you are in this state right now, it is very clear that you are not happy. I suggest you to get out of that rut by taking holidays, talk to someone or let it out through writing. By all means, you have to get out of that state first. I believe motivation comes from believing in yourself and in what you do. Do not delegate your own motivation to someone else; whenever possible.

Now, let say you are already happy and meeting your performance level and you want to ramp further, right? You want to be in high performance mode, how to do it? I found basic stuffs that make a lot of sense to ramp up performance instantaneously in from Rasmus Ankersen; a Danish writer. Here’s what he outlined on how to become top performer:

  1. Must perform under conditions of intense pressure
  2. Must understand numbers drive everything
  3. Is constantly under pressure from ambitious new competitors all over the place/world
  4. Realise that last year’s result becomes next year’s baseline
  5. Constantly grows and reinvents themselves in order to stay at the top
  6. Is subject to brutal accountability; you win or lose – nothing in between
  7. Must have sustainable drive, or achieving performance goals difficult

Your application on all these seven prerequisites to become top performer are the true test to improve your performance. I recommend you to put some thoughts into it and pen it down. Remember, what you think you become. Let’s be happy and performing.

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