The Best Shampoo Bottle Ever! At #OYO

Have you heard of OYO ? It is a start up from Haryana, India. They were valued at USD$5billion in September 2018 and raised USD$1billion in the same year. OYO is a website that runs booking for budget lodging. Check Wikipedia about OYO here.

I thought Air BNB has nailed it but with OYO, I learned there’s always opportunities to those who keep looking for problems to solve. Good job to OYO teams globally. I had my first OYO recently in Penang, Malaysia.

I concluded that OYO has the best shampoo bootle I have ever seen in hotels! See below, aren’t they practical? The screwcap top is flat so it can stand firmly. Wide based. What makes it special?

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I used to work in hotels around 25 years ago. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of shampoo bottles in hotels. They look nice sitting pretty, but after you use the shampoo you find it hard to stand the bottle on the strainer / soap holder near the shower or WC top. Worse you can’t lie the bottle down because it will drip. With your soapy hands, it is challenging to put them to sit straight, the bottles somehow “prefer” to lie down. When it lies, the dripping makes me feel guilty – such a wasted shampoo. 

With OYO, the bottle design is good. It has flat design with 45 degree (about that) sides slant until the bottle tip. The cap is flat too, thus to stand it will be quite stable. However, again during shower and to put them on the holder, the best position for the bottle is the lying down. See picture below.

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This time with OYO shampoo bottle, no dripping!! I was surprised and quickly took note of the bottle. Not a drop goes to waste while showering. There was only one problem, see my drawing below. 

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OYO’s shampoo bottle is straight cut. Just like straight cut jeans, it tends to slip easily. When holding the bottle it slips to the ground very fast because it is a straight cut. Having learned design thinking & user experience, I attempted to redesign the experience of OYO shampoo bottle without the hassle of any technical drawings or codings for that matter. 😉

The shampoo bottle will do a great service in users experience with some curves on the side of the bottles. Check above. With these curves (or just curve on one of the bottle), the shampoo bottle will hold tighter and prevent it from slipping. Just like your bathing soap block, it has that curves on both sides? To grip better!

Other than that, OYO’s shampoo bottle is the best in the world!

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Durian Store-y

I cycled by a durian stall this morning. Happy. I know I will get a chance to sniff durian smell. Expecting lots to sniff. But, I went by in front the durian stall, no smell. What?? Frustrated.

I cycled straight. Then, about 50 metres away I smell durian. Happy again. I sniff a lot of that durian smell. So happy. It dawn on me, that good news travels beyond your store and yourself.

People faraway from you may say and story good things about you. Be kind whenever possible. Now, what if people say that durian store sell rotten durians? I wouldn’t have cycle pass the store. I might find ways to avoid it – although I haven’t personally visited that store.

Get me?

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Time In Omnichannel Business

Today my colleague highlighted to me that our company DT LEADERSHIP FB page messenger recognized as “Very Responsive”. I am proud because it used to be 4-5 hours last year, the year before last 8-10 hours. We were late. Now “Very Responsive”. Why? We made a point to respond fast. 

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Previously we were slow because we felt decision making for coaching & training usually comes from formal channel like email or call for briefing. It used to be like that. We thought the request from FB Messenger usually for personal engagement; which we don’t do much at that time. Our focus mainly corporate clients and corporate innovation. Basically we didn’t treat FB Messenger as a channel for the public to reach out to us, FB Messenger to us was more like market segment of customers. We were wrong.

In the era of “Omnichannel” marketing and business, the point of contact to business is sporadic, distributed and fragmented – plus, 24×7. These days, businesses get contacted from email, Whatsapp, messages, Messenger, call, printed letter and many more including word of mouth. Businesses may have great products or services, but of the point of contact and delivery unable to create excceptional and responsive feedback, it won’t mean anything to the customers.

Having this realization early this year, we’ve also revamped our website to be more informative, educational and responsive too. Whether you search it from laptop, notwbook, ipad or mobile, you will get the most suitable format when interacting. Currently we are thinking to work with some providers to help our visitors with chatbots especially with stuffs we are adding in onto the website, we want to make it searchable and influential. 

Time is very important. Do hop on our website

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