Business Innovation Tools

This post was first published in LinkedIn on 25 July 2019 and has been trending on #innovation. I am sharing it here for my website followers.

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The work of innovation should be more about outcomes than the tools itself. Knowing and practicing more tools will give versatility to the organizations because of the evolving nature of change.

Change is difficult. Learning innovation tools are like change, it is difficult. However it is not impossible. Other than satisfying your customers, a worthy initiative to do in the next 5-10 years from now is to train your workforce utilizing innovation tools.

From my research, more than 60% workforce innovate using “their own tools”. The MNCs are more equipped usually with their business systems which are prepared by the Headquarters.

Here are the lists of innovation tools that would almost guarantee and secure your organizations future if not bulletproof it. Eventually with repetition & practice, your organization productivity will change to net positive. Give it 3-5 years, the needle will surely move.

Have a blast! “A tool and a fool seldom differ.”

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The Continuous Connection

This post was first published in LinkedIn on 2 August 2019 and has been trending on #innovation. I am sharing it here for my website followers.

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The continuous connection between Innovation and Leadership is becoming more visible and it will stay for the next decade and more.

Innovation works primarily dealing with business challenges and pain points of customers. Leadership works primarily making the people in the organization respond to those needs more effectively.

It used to be “Innovation” is something we do in spare time. It is no wonder we felt the pinch to catch up now because we haven’t spared any time on it, we were extremely busy. On the other hand, “Leadership” is something delegated higher ups and passing hot potatoes became a ritual.

Having this “continuous connection” understanding between “Innovation & Leadership” will give us an evolving view of our fiduciary duty as corporate leaders, help us reconsider certain practices and create urgency to adopt new ones to survive in the next decade.

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Tech Talents vs Non-Tech Talents

This post was first published in LinkedIn on 1 August 2019 and has been trending on #innovation. I am sharing it here for my website followers.

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To set up for change and transformation for innovation success, organization needs everyone onboard, not just the selected few. In current situation, the tech-talents & tech-stuffs are getting lots of exposure and development allocation given the push towards IR4.0.

Many research shows excessive technology adoption alone will create existential crisis with the people in the workforce – which majority are non-tech talents & non-tech stuffs such as from operations, sales & marketing, customer relationship, culture, management and including leadership.

Senior leaders have to rally and devote extra attention to the people in the workforce by upgrading innovation skills for them to join the call for change and transformation. “Balance is key, invite everyone to join & innovate together.”